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August 30, 2008

WordPress Robot.txt – The Correct Way

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Whenever I take over a website to help with improving the organic rankings, I always take a look at what Google has indexed and is currently displaying in search results for the website. In almost all case, if it’s a WordPress site, the search will show the theme folder has been indexed along with all the files in wp-content, wp-admin, and cgi-bin folder. Needless to say, Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. has now indexed redundant files that have nothing to do with your website and in most cases this opens up possible security issues and can cause a hit to your organic search results by indexing these files.

The sad part is that all this can be prevented by the use of a good Robots.txt file that you can upload right to the root directory of your website. Takes a few minutes to do, and then you have to wait for the search engines to update your website indexing.

How to make a Great Robots.txt File.


August 30, 2008

2 Must Have WordPress Plugins

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WP Security Scan – This handy plugin will scan your wordpress installation to look for any possible security / vulnerability holes in WordPress. Most of the security items that it finds, it can fix automatically by itself, with no work on the users part. The only things that need to be performed by the user is to change the chmod permissions of files indicated as security risk. Easy to install, just extract to your plugin directory and activate the plugin.

Nofollow Reciprocity
– Essentially what this plugin does, is look through a list of websites that use nofollow rules for links on their website. It then checks your blog for links going to these website, and adds nofollow to these links so you do not bleed off your pagerank which can cause a loss of serp because of non-recriporcal links. The plugin website goes into indepth detail of why you need to run this plugin and how it will help you with Organic Search Ranking. Easy install, just activate the plugin and it does the rest for you.

Note: My only complaint with Nofollow was the link it puts in the footer that says

This blog contributes to the web with Nofollow Reciprocity.

So I decided to remove it because it was messing up my theme, and looks bad to have a link hanging at the bottom of my website outside of my wp theme.

Here are instructions to remove it, if you wish to do so. (more…)

August 29, 2008

Common Mistake In Search Engine Ranking

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This article is intended to help people get immediate traffic to their website(s) from search engines.

It’s a common dream among website owners to be number one in organic search ranking for certain keywords, but the mistake that they make, is not realizing that this is only a dream. They believe they can have amazing keyword ranking right from the start with common keywords, not even realizing that this type of ranking feat can take several hundred hours of time, energy, work, and dedication. In the end, the website owner gets burned out, loses a lot valuable time and over looks very simple ways to get traffic and customers.

Instead it would have been wiser to start off with geographically localized keywords. As a result they would be trying to get ranking results over a handful of websites instead of competing against hundreds, possibly thousands of websites for a common keyword. (more…)

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