June 26, 2010

Free Program for Encrypting Folders and Files

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Recently I have been looking for a program to encrypt and password protect files on my windows computer. I did a lot of searching around and stumbled upon an easy to use "free" program that works great.

I have used AxCrypt to password protect all types of files and all different sizes and it works without fail. I prefer to not use the keyfile option, I just type in a passphrase and let it create a password protected AXX files.  

Easy 3 step process to encrypting files. (more…)

June 19, 2010

Underrated Visual Effects – Green Screens Virtual Reels From Stargate Studios

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Just browsing around Youtube and found this video, was too cool to not do a post on Howbits. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

In case you're wondering, the music soundtrack was done by Emancipatormusic.com Enough text, now enjoy the clip. icon smile Underrated Visual Effects   Green Screens Virtual Reels From Stargate Studios

June 16, 2010

MMhosting – HostGator – Hostmonster Short Review

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After 24 months of using three web hosts I have decided to write short reviews about each one. This is not meant to be a long drawn out review and does not include every detail of the web hosting service, such as a list of features or exact connection speeds.

These are the three web hosts I use extensively..


*A special note about Virtual Web hosting – Your Primary domain name that you use when setting up your account is the only domain that can have a Private SSL Certificate. The addon domains will need to use a Shared SSL Certificate.

So if you plan on hosting an e-commerce website, make it the primary domain. Mmhosting and Hostgator can move domains from addon to primary if needed, but once moved, your websites with an Absolute path will break until you update them with the new Absolute path.

Review Time

I would like to start this article with the 2 best web host in my opinion. Hostgator and MMhosting, they have been awesome web host. From customer support to server reliability and speed. Both companies have been great to work with, and I have no problems with websites going down as a result of the web host. (The one time my websites went down, was my own doing. I crashed my own databases.) (more…)

June 14, 2010

How To Use Google Base To Sale Product & Improve Website Traffic

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google base traffic How To Use Google Base To Sale Product & Improve Website TrafficGoogle base, also known as Froogle, is an over looked resource for traffic and product sells for an E-commerce website. Products listed with Google base are typically displayed on the first page of search results in a box labeled Shopping Results. Sometimes these ads are places at the very top of the search results under Adwords.

With these first page shopping result listings, you can add products that go directly to your website and not hosted on the Base website. You can also link your Adwords account directly to Google Base, so that your products can show up with your ads.

How to get traffic and product sells with Google Base

1. Use keywords in product titles.

One of the most common mistakes when using Google Base is not inserting keywords in product titles. Unless the product is a commonly searched term, then your visitors will not see your base listings.

An example of a bad title would be “HP Mini 1000 Mi series”. Unless someone is specifically looking for this product then it will be displayed, otherwise it will never show up in search results.

But if you change the title to “HP Computer Laptop Mini 1000 Mi”, your product listing will be displayed for keywords like HP Computer, Computer Laptop, and HP Laptop. If someone does do an exact search for Mini 1000 mi, the product will still come up for them, but by changing the title you have increased the visibility of your product.

Piece of advice, do not go past 32 characters for your products title. If you do go over 32 characters, the rest of words and characters will be cut off.

Example Title Listing with the right amount of characters – HP Computer Laptop Mini 1000 Mi (more…)

May 29, 2010

Complete Comment Ajax Support For WordPress

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If you are interested in adding ajax comments to your website, I highly recommend using the following three Plugins together. The only time your comment area will force a page reload, is when the first comment is posted for an article, after that the entire comment area is ajax.

WordPress Thread Comments, With Ajax mode enabled – It will create the threaded appreance in the comment area, with great ajax encoding. All I can say about this plugin is to get it, use it and love it. (more…)

June 4, 2009

HowBits Website Slow Down – Fixed

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After the last few days of howbits being slow, I finally decided to move the website completely off of Hostmonster and host the entire website on HostGator. I have been putting the move off because of time and a hopefulness that Hostmonster improves.

When loading up a website, anything over 5 seconds loading time is not acceptable, let alone a loading time over 10 to 20 seconds. So it was time to switch  to a faster web host that has better stability.

On Wednesday night from 7pm to 4am, I was moving the website to Hostgator and testing to make sure there were no problems. Now with howbits on a new host, the website is much more responsive and loads up quicker then ever.

If anyone experiences any problems, please let me know.

Howbits.com Admin

May 31, 2009

Revenue How To For Blogs & Websites = Automated Ad Control

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Do you want to make money with your website or blog, If so, then a professional Ad manager for your website is the best way to go.

In this article I will be talking about the need for Automated banner and Textlinks and Reviewing All in one Ad Manager by OIOPublisher.

On a side note, this program works with WordPress as a plugin, but it will work with any type of website and all.

For websites that’s not using wordpress, you will need a database and the ability to add in Javascript or php and from there the installation process is automated, even offers a web install. I plan on using this software for a few Joomla and Zencart websites I run, because I have been unsatisfied with the ad manager components currently available.

Quick Overview

Do I recommend using the Ad manager software from OIOpublisher?

In one word or less, absolutely. It is a must for anyone who takes their website seriously and needs to make money in a professional, automated, and non time consuming way.

The Review Of Ad Manager by OIOPublisher and why you need it for your website or blog.

Ad Manager by OIOPublisher is extremely powerful, feature rich, and the tech support team is the one best I have ever seen. The support team helps with everything from installation issues, Ad setup, general questions, and custom coding that may be needed for your website. (more…)

May 29, 2009

WordPress Themes – What Sidebar Style To Use? Left, Right or Both?

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wordpress sidebar layout Wordpress Themes – What Sidebar Style To Use? Left, Right or Both?If you have low end, cheap hosting package, then the simple answer is, go with right sidebars.

If you have a high end host then it doesn’t matter, but I still recommend going with a right sidebar. Scroll down to see why I recommend using right sidebars for a blog, without the technical reasons.

Technical reason for using right sidebars, instead of left sidebars.

When browsers are loading up a website they process coding from top to bottom.

On a typical website, the first area loaded is the Header or the top area. Then afterwards it loads the body of the website, then the footer.

The body area is typically programmed as a large box, with several small boxes inside of it which are programmed using Tables or CSS.

Typical body coding forces a browser to load up the left sidebar box, then the content box, and then the right sidebar box. After the rightbar is loaded, then the footer area is loaded and displayed. (more…)

May 28, 2009

Have Super Cache or Hyper Cache? Use Widget Cache For Improved Caching

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Wp-Widget-Cache is designed to work with WP Super Cache or Hyper Cache. It increases the efficiency of the caching mods, while lowering database queries.

Wp-Widget-Cache – Does what the name says it does. It will cache your widgets. Super cache and hyper cache, waste a lot of time caching widgets for every single static page they create. This mod will cache the entire widget area of your website while reducing SQL queries and give you total control over the cache time of your widgets. The author of the mod does a good job of explaining the need for this mod. (more…)

May 27, 2009

Howbits Spring Cleaning – Maintenance Day

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Today I decided it was time to clean up howbits.com and speed up and optimize the website.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. I will be doing most of my changes on the back end of the website, but it may cause the website to slow down as I am making backups of the website and rearranging files.

Thanks for your patience,


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