May 29, 2012

Rooting Nook Tablet 1.1 and 1.2 – The Only Way That Worked For Me

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nook root(1) Rooting Nook Tablet 1.1 and 1.2   The Only Way That Worked For MeI am a proud owner of a fully rooted nook tablet, but it was only after a days worth of time trying to find a method that would accomplish the first stage of rooting the nook tablet which is getting the tablet to boot into CWM so you can then update and unlock the android software.

This post is an easy to follow and quick way to Root your Nook Tablet so that you can then proceed to get the most out of your tablet. I wish I could give kudos to the creator of the CWM Boot Image that finally worked, but unfortunately I had downloaded well over 10+ images in a desperate attempt to get my Nook to recognize the card and boot to CWM. If you are the creator or know who the creator is, please let me know so I can give them some credit for creating this complete rooting image.

*If you have a 16gb Nook Tablet, I recommend going to a Barnes & Noble store before rooting and talking to a tech to get the storage amount increased so you have maximum storage space on your Nook. If you don't you will soon find out that the Nook dedicates an unusually large amount of disk space to the downloading of content from the Barnes & Noble app store. 

Items you will need to Root your Nook Tablet

  1. You will need a 2gb MicrosSD card and the ability to put files on it from your computer.
  2. Download the Image File and the Win32DiskImage Software to put the image file onto the MicroSD Card. You can download both of these from following this link.

That is all you need besides your nook tablet of course. 

Here is my guide to Rooting a Nook Tablet on any Version

  1. Unzip the file and open up Win32DiskImager.exe
  2. Click on the folder image and  find the NT_SDCard.img file. 

    winimage Rooting Nook Tablet 1.1 and 1.2   The Only Way That Worked For Me

  3. Once you select the image file, then look to the right at Devices and select the Drive that your SD Card is in. 
  4. Then click Write and it will proceed to format the SD Card and Write the Image file on the SD Card.
  5. Once the program is done writing to the SD Card, then you want to insert the SD card into your Nook Tablet while it is turned on and booted up. The Nook Tablet will prepare the MicroSD card and add files on to the SD card. Once it says the MicroSD card is ready then turn your Nook off while leaving the MicroSD Card in the Nook.
  6. The screen will start with the Nook loading image and then will go to a White screen with a Box in the middle. When CWM Based Recovery comes up you want to scroll down to wipe data/factory reset and then scroll to Yes — Delete all user data.
    (**Use your volume buttons to go up and down on the list and the N at the bottom of the Nook to select menus. You will also use the Power button to go back.)
  7. After the wipe data is complete then you want to go to the advanced menu and wipe Dalvik Cache.
  8. After the Dalvik Cache is cleared press the power button and go back to the main menu then go to install zip from SD Card. Once the menu comes up click on Apply /sdcard/ CWM installer will start the installation process.
  9. Once the file is done installing click the power button and go back to the main screen and click reboot system now. When the system comes up go through the start up registration screen on the Nook Tablet. When you finish the registration you will be taken into the ADW launcher and your newly rooted Nook Tablet.

Congratulations you now have a Rooted Nook Tablet….. enjoy.

I only found one problem with a rooted Nook Tablet and that was Google Calendar not syncing while everything else worked perfectly. I did find a fix for the calendar not syncing issue on the XDA forums – click here to view the forum post on how to fix Google Calendar Sync.

if you wish to continue the Rooting process and completely remove the Nook and go with a full root of the Android Os, which is what I did, this is the next step.

  1. To accomplish a full root/rom install on on your Nook Tablet you simply go to Play Store / Android Market on your rooted nook tablet and download Rom Manager. Once you have Rom Manager installed it is a cinch to install the 7.2 Acclaim Rom From CyanogenMod, because Rom Manager will automatically download and install it for you. Once the install is done you will have a fully working Android Tablet with no Nook Tablet OS on it.

If at any point your Nook Tablet messes up or you need to go back to a stock setting you can either download the Nook Unrooter App from here or you can follow this link and download the Stock Rom. Download then rename it and replace the update.exe file on your Boot SD Card you used to root your nook. Then repeat the Rooting Procedure from Step 6 to 9 and your Nook Tablet will be back to a stock rom.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • Davisa Martinez

    My 1st question didnt seem to post. I wanted to know if this was ok to use on the 1.3 version?

  • Davisa Martinez

    I also wanted to know if you could provide a do it yourself in regards to increasing the storage instead of going to a tech, which I know is the best advice but its also something Im unable to do. Ive read a few post on Size-Agnostic and realized how easy and simple you made the steps in rooting the Nook. This is why I was hoping you would be able to provide the steps in increasing the storage. I had not a single problem understanding or following your steps. I also noticed in these post they had the same way of rooting as you only 10 times harder to understand. You did an excellent job and I want to thank you. I hope you can help in increasing the storage also!

  • ashraf

     Nice post. Thanks for sharing .

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