June 8, 2012

Solved – Godaddy Email – Step one Get Google Apps

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**Guide Updated on Jun 8th, 2012.

The most common issue that I run into with Godaddy is their email system. For the lowest service you are only allowed to send out 250 emails a day, each email is considered a "Relay SMTP sent email". Once you go past that, well you can't send out email again until it resets sometime in the evening. Another common issue is not being able to receive emails, and various pop3 and imap issues.

So to summarize what this article is about, it's how to switch over to a much better email server, which is Google Apps Standard which is free to use and easy to setup, effectively getting rid of Godaddys email relay problem and various issues with email receiving problems. I promise this fix does not mess with with php email script, such as WordPress sending out user confirmation emails.

Here is the walk through – Complete with pictures. This is very easy to do just takes a small amount of time.

So lets start from the beginning. Registration

  1. Sign up for Google Apps Free Standard Addition – Link Updated on 5-29-09
  2. Put in your domain Name – No you are not transferring your domain, this is just branding your email address to your website example – you@yourwebsite.com. You don't have to fill in the organization info unless you really want to

Time To start with the Tutorial

Go Daddy has added a new tool to the website that will automatically set the MX records for Gmail, so now you can skip step 6 – 7 and start with Gmail Apps. 

Link To Go Daddy Gmail MX toolhttps://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/google/gmail_login.asp

1. Go to Godaddy.com – Log into your account

2. Next Mouse over Domains Then click Domain Management


1(1) Solved   Godaddy Email   Step one Get Google Apps


3. Click the name of your Domain

4. Locate and Click Total DNS Manager then click Launch.


3 Solved   Godaddy Email   Step one Get Google Apps


**Skip the next two steps if you already used Godaddys Gmail MX Tool
5. Locate the MX Records – Delete Any Records in here – Do this by pressing the X on the Far side of the MX record line under TTL.


5(2) Solved   Godaddy Email   Step one Get Google Apps


6. Add in New MX records by clicking Quick Add in the Bottom Left – This makes it so that Google apps can receive Email using your domain name.


6 Solved   Godaddy Email   Step one Get Google Apps


Time to Start the Google Apps Setup

1. Log into your Google Apps Control Panel – You can either find this by going to your email to get the address where it is located at. The link should looks like this http://www.google.com/a/YOURDOMAIN.com/ If you want to you can just copy the link change it to your host name – Don't forget to change the .com if you domain is not .com, and don't forget the trailing / at the end.

2. Verfiy Your Domain by going to Setup At the top right of the screen. After the screen loads, on the left menu click Verify Domain Ownership.


google 1(1) Solved   Godaddy Email   Step one Get Google Apps


3. The easiest way to verify is to upload a html file. From this point on Google will walk you through how to verify your website and they have tutorials along the setup process of how to use Google Apps.

Once you are done verifying you should now have a fully functioning Google Apps Account with Gmail. If you had need to add more email accounts or email nicknames to your domain Then go to Organization & Users.

From there you can either add a new user for the Google Apps account or you can add a multiple email address to one user account. To add additional email address to a pre-existing email account, just click on the users Name and then scroll down to Nicknames and add more nicknames. Nicknames are nothing more then additional email aliases.

If you have questions, suggestions or problems, please let me know and I will help out as best that I can.










  • http://www.elecomca.com Jorge Leon

    Man, i cant tell you how in debt i feel with you… You just made my day, this is awesome. You and google rock. Greetings.

  • Jhands

    What about all of my current messages in my mailbox? How can I transfer them from the godaddy box to the new gmail box?

  • http://howbits.com Djames

    Within Google apps you can setup unlimited emails addresses, so you will not have to remake a google app for each one. Google apps also offers catch all accounts if you need them.

    • Nitro

      @Djames, I have tried Google Apps and it’s great!.

      The only thing I wanted to add is that you can’t setup unlimited email addresses as you say (or at least not now, I don’t know if you could before). With the standard version you can only setup 50 email accounts, if you need more you will have to get the premier version paying $50 per user per year (price is of this date).

  • Gavin

    Sound great but one question. I have multiple addresses setup for different portions of my site. Will I have to create a new google app for each one?

  • http://www.averytickets.com steve

    It looks like a great tutorial, and i have been stressed out over this for a week. However, the ads on your page make the images all crunched up…can you email a copy of the directions to averytickets@gmail.com or repost?

  • G. Ward

    Thanks! You have solved my main issue with GoDaddy. Your tutorial was simple to follow.

  • http://howbits.com Djames

    Are you able to log into google apps email? The mx name is just a shortcut to the google apps mail server to get email. So for example mail.yourwebsite.com would take you directly to google apps or if you leave it alone it will take you directly to your webhosters mail account. So as far as a ip error that is unusual but you can set it back to the standard if you want to and just change the web address to get the email box for google apps.

    To change it just logged into google apps and then on the right hand side click email – beta, then look for the area that says web address and click change url. From there type in the web address you want to use to access your google apps mail server.

  • http://howbits.com Djames

    Hmm an ip error? with the ghs google? That is the right cname. Let me see what I can find.

  • http://www.frugalwench.com FW

    :sad: I just tried to set this up with your directions, and got an error from GoDaddy that ghs.google.com is an invalid ip address. So I have a support ticket in with them. Maybe they’ll save me the trouble and set it up for me.

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  • http://howbits.com Djames

    Is your website build on a CMS like WordPress, joomla, oscommerce, zen cart, or drupal?

    Contact us / email pages typically use what’s called phpmail or sendmail, which is server side email messaging. Even though your MX records are set to receive mail through a different mail host such as Google, your website will still handle the emails through sendmail and phpmail.

    I have noticed that Google doesn’t like phpmail, most of my email problems with them have been solved by switching to sendmail.

    Another way of fixing website email is to use SMTP host relay-hosting.secureserver.net

    If you don’t wish to use phpmail or sendmail, most packages such as wordpress, joomla, etc let’s you setup your SMTP to send out emails, without using the server side email processing.

    here are 2 website discussion about phpmail or Godaddy Sendmail not working.




    You may find a fix on those two website. Or a fix from one of the links in the comment areas.

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